May 30, 2017

Los Adults Solteros Jovenes

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for all of your love and support! Even reading this is a big support.

Yesterday, Elder Bourda shared a really powerful message from Tad R. Laurence about being a concecrated missionary. I have said it before, but I'll review this principle: sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. No matter how much God asks of you, I promise that if you give it, especially with a willing heart, he will bless your beyond measure.  Consecrated people are happy. I know it because I'm doing all I can to be one, and I'm happy as can be.

I love being in YSA! I can't remember if I told you all about Jessica. Hna H and I found her a few weeks ago and passed her off to YSA, and now I'm her missionary again! I love her so much. Baptism on the 17th. Get pumped.

Also, Frank is so real it's awesome. He let us give him a lesson while his friends came for a carne asada and moved his fridge for him. He loves the Book of Mormon.

Look forward to next week's letter, because it's going to be awesome! Love you!

May 23, 2017


Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for all of your help! I love you so much! I really appreciate your prayers. This work is for everyone. 

This week I've realized a scripture that has always seemed pretty scatterbrained can summarize a few of the most important lessons of my mission. Alma 38:12 starts, "Use boldness, but not overbearance." Boldness means "holding up the Lord's standard clearly and without apology"(I stole that from Pres. Eyring). It doesn't mean that we're loud or harsh. On the contrary, the gospel is taught with love, often in a whisper. But we don't beat around the bush either. I promise that your missionary efforts will be more effective as you strive to speak the truth simply. We have nothing to hide. We have everything to offer. Be bold! 

Yesterday we knocked on our new investigator's door for our return appointment. He wasn't home, but his daughter was. Her name is Elizabeth. She had a towel in her hair, and she was plainly exhausted. I didn't think she was fit for a lesson, but then she invited us in just so we could write a note to her Dad. As Hna H was writing the note, I started talking to her about God. She's spiritual but not religious. As I listened to her doubts about the churches that are on the earth today, I was able to testify of the Living Christ as He truly is, and share with her the Book of Mormon. She loves to read! I love investigators like that! I am confident that she will feel of the truth of it as she follows Moroni's instructions to read and pray.

Our wonderful investigator, Luis, is on date for the 24th. He asked us this week if it's okay to change religions again. His wife won't even consider baptism because she's catholic and she's staying catholic. He's already switched to Evangelical Christian, and he's afraid that he's not committed, and that that's a problem. I am so excited! This is a huge sign that he has real intent! He came to church yesterday. I'm going to miss teaching him and Roberto. 

Please remember to pray with faith. Look for opportunities to serve. Follow the Spirit. I love you so! Have a great week!

Hermana Sleight

She gave me a lot of pics about her apt because she's being transferred but I thought this one showed their personality and hard work! 

Bowling on P-day

May 15, 2017

Ensenamos el arrepentimiento

Dear Friends and Family,

I love you so much! Thanks for the prayers and the love. It is felt.

The conference Ensign finally came! I am so happy about that. Finally, I can review the words of the prophets and apostles.

Elder Albertson is awesome. He likes plants. He presented a training on pruning and grafting that was both informative and inspiring. He taught us about the 30% rule, which is that a tree can't survive losing more than 30% of itself. Whenever we try to cut things out of our lives, we need to remember that too drastic of a change usually reverses itself. Effective life pruning means making changes that help us be better, but aren't overkill. Then he talked about filling those holes with fruitful branches. I've found it's always best to replace bad habits with good ones. 

This week we found Jessica! It was so awesome! I had a goal to find a new investigator each day, and on the first day of said goal, we knocked on Jessica's door. We taught the Restoration, our unique message to the world, and she accepted a baptismal date. She came to church yesterday on the bus. That's commitment, folks.

I love you so much! Have a great week! 

Hermana Sleight

Car Selfie 

Me and a tree

Elder Johnson, Elder Albertson, Hermana Hopkin, Hermana Sleight, Elder Olivas, Elder Horrocks
This is her district, she says they are a wonderful and very random group. 

The Ten Commandments of Questions by Elder Long 

May 8, 2017

Juntos y consejos

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for all of your love and support! 

This week felt like a lot of meetings, which affects the work a lot. Wednesday we did almost no proselyting. It felt like a wasted day. 

This week I have been reflecting on goal-setting. As an STL, I set goals all the time. I work hard to achieve those goals, but some get set aside when I have to many. I try to always keep my focus on one goal. Last week it was inviting the Spirit more strongly to lessons. I ended up setting smaller goals to master certain sections of Preach My Gospel, and I feel that I've improved, but I'm not finished. Since I've become an STL, I've made leaps and bounds of improvement as a missionary. The same is true for all people. Elder Ballard has a quote in the goal setting section of preach my gospel that says something like, "We won't reach our full potential if we don't figure out how to set and work toward goals." Something to ponder. 

Roberto and Luis came to church again. My spanish is probably like 95% awesome, but I can't understand Luis very well. I sometimes think he has a strong testimony of the gospel and sometimes I think he is trying to tell us he's comfortable at his church and won't change. Nice one, Hermana Sleight!

Love you all! Have a great week!


Eating S'mores from Nana! Thank you! 

Something about this selfie reminds me of Dani! 

May 1, 2017

Bautismo de Saul

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks so much for all of your love and support! It means a lot! 

Have you ever read Mosiah 3? I think I have found my new favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon. I also love everything around it. King Benjamin was a great speaker. But I'd like to focus on a commandment and a promised blessing(s) found right after verse 19. The commandment is essentially to always remember the greatness of God and the nothingness of man, which sounds familiar; it's our baptismal covenant. The promised blessings are basically that we'll live perfect lives and never fall into temptation. I am recommitting to live that principle. Like charity, it prevents many sins (Peter 4:6a).

Saul got baptized this week! Hooray! The ward was really supportive and he bore his testimony after and made the bishop cry. The spirit was strong, the attendance was strong, and this family is so strong in their commitment to follow Christ! I love them! They invited us over for cake and it says, "Happy New Life"! How sweet!

I had a lot of good finding experiences this week. I learned that talking with everyone means everyone, and that only the most unexpected people will be interested in the gospel, like the man painting the trees and the woman who says she'll take a card and then walks inside without one.

I expect Veronica will get baptized, so I'll let you know that we had a great lesson with her even though we just called and said, "Hi, we're outside, can we teach you?" and she just stuck her head out and she's having a baby on Wednesday, but we have a return appointment for tomorrow. I love her so much already.

Love you all! Have a missionary-filled week! You can do it! Just open your mouth!

Baptism day for Saul! 

Carmen in her new Mexican dress. She and her companion were really excited to get these.