May 1, 2017

Bautismo de Saul

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks so much for all of your love and support! It means a lot! 

Have you ever read Mosiah 3? I think I have found my new favorite chapter of the Book of Mormon. I also love everything around it. King Benjamin was a great speaker. But I'd like to focus on a commandment and a promised blessing(s) found right after verse 19. The commandment is essentially to always remember the greatness of God and the nothingness of man, which sounds familiar; it's our baptismal covenant. The promised blessings are basically that we'll live perfect lives and never fall into temptation. I am recommitting to live that principle. Like charity, it prevents many sins (Peter 4:6a).

Saul got baptized this week! Hooray! The ward was really supportive and he bore his testimony after and made the bishop cry. The spirit was strong, the attendance was strong, and this family is so strong in their commitment to follow Christ! I love them! They invited us over for cake and it says, "Happy New Life"! How sweet!

I had a lot of good finding experiences this week. I learned that talking with everyone means everyone, and that only the most unexpected people will be interested in the gospel, like the man painting the trees and the woman who says she'll take a card and then walks inside without one.

I expect Veronica will get baptized, so I'll let you know that we had a great lesson with her even though we just called and said, "Hi, we're outside, can we teach you?" and she just stuck her head out and she's having a baby on Wednesday, but we have a return appointment for tomorrow. I love her so much already.

Love you all! Have a missionary-filled week! You can do it! Just open your mouth!

Baptism day for Saul! 

Carmen in her new Mexican dress. She and her companion were really excited to get these.