March 12, 2018

Hasta Manana!

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for everything! This is the last email! I'll be hugging my family before this time tomorrow!

I just want to tell everyone about Oscar!!

I love Oscar. Lately I have liked the hard investigators best. Oscar talks very fast in Spanish and loves asking hard questions, but last week on Tuesday, we came for a lesson with a half hour's notice, and everything had changed from night to day! He came to church yesterday and he knows how much needs to change. Just look at the pictures.

Maybe I'll write more when I get home. 

Love you all! Have a great life! Here's my new contact info:

Con Amor,

Hermana Sleight

 Departing temple trip!
Funeral for Hermana Sleight 

Oscar's scripture study 

March 5, 2018

Pionera de la familia

Dear friends and family,

I love you! Thanks so much for your love and support! I would like to start off this email with one from the end of my cousin Michael's mission that I really enjoyed. He served in Colorado Denver South. I think he's very funny.

"Elder Lowe climbs over the th body of the latest bible basher. The fights between them have become exceedingly easy in the past few months, but Elder Lowe knows that his time is short. He turns to his companion, who was rebuking some "hail satan" children and bears a powerful testimony of Jesus Christ, leaving them in a thoughtless stupor. Together Elder Lowe and his companion turned again towards the mountain top. Though the climb had already taken a grueling two months, the elders knew that it was still a two weeks journey to the top."

"They enter a clearing to find friends cooking meat and olathe sweet corn and are invited to eat with them. After being feed the elders are given 4lbs of cake for supplies as they began to climb once more. Just outside the camp they found one who had strayed from the path. The elders helped the man back towards the path of the disciple. The Elders then continued up the mountain. Elder Lowe entered a fit of coughing, his health deteriorating fast as his life draws to a close, he knows this will be the last climb up the mountain before he returns to the human realm. But for him, hope is not lost. He knows that soon another from his homeland will come and continue the fight he has fought himself for many weary days."

"As the elders finish chronicling the events that have occurred, a dark shadow passes over them followed by a mighty roar. The elders sigh, say a prayer and then ready their weapons to prepare for another fight with the accursed dragon." -Lowe The Magnificent Adventures of the Great Elder Lowe in the Mythical Land of the Colorado Denver South Mission Ch. 103 The End in Sight

Okay, back to Hermana Sleight:
I had my interview with President Henrie today and he reminded me that the goal for every missionary is that each of us is converted. God's plan (thankfully) includes full time missionaries, and our purpose is to teach repentance and baptize converts. However, as that depends on others' agency in large measure, if we focus on it, we will get sad. As we focus on blessing others and guiding them to baptism and salvation, we find happiness and are converted.

Laura was baptized this week. I consider her my first adult convert. I am so happy for her. She understands that baptism is a lifetime commitment and she is EXCITED about it. I have never seen anything like it. I love this work! Mom's asking for details on the baptism. I played "He Sent His Son" and Hermana Henao sang. It was beautiful.

Love you! Have a great week!