July 31, 2017

No carta nueva

This is Robbie. Carmen didn't get a group email off in time. Sometimes she gets distracted with personal emails and I'm sure with her birthday last week, she probably had a few.
Last week was rough. They have a lot of investigators right now. Sometimes they would get to appointments and be stood up. Sometimes they forgot appointments. So if you could send a prayer their way, I'm sure she'd appreciate it.

Here's what she had to say about her birthday:
It was awesome! I woke up and we exercised and planned, then Hna P made the rest of the chunky monkey pancake mix, then she took pictures while I opened my presents. I love my new watch and all the clothes! It's perfect! I also think Hna W might have had this same skirt. Then we had studies and birthday cake lunch, then we went to district meeting where I got lots more presents and cards and President and Sister Henrie were there! The work wasn't all that special, but I got to eat at In-and-Out for dinner, and we picked up a homeless investigator that was eating what people would buy him. We'll see if he keeps his return appointment. 

Here are a few pics she sent me:
Happy birthday shirt and chunky monkey pancakes! 

Dirt cake made by Herman Pfeil, we love this girl! 
Which girl? We love them both, thanks Hna Pfeil for making her pancakes and dirt cake
and Happy birthday to my beautiful 20 year old on a mission!

Happy Hair day!