July 24, 2017

Nuevos investigadores, pero no fechas

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks so much for your support!

I had some eye-opening studies this week, and I think the part I want to share is the prespective of 3 Nephi as a lesson in parenting. God demonstrated by His actions that the Nephites behavior was wrong, AKA mass destruction. Then he gave them time to recover before he spoke to them, but when he did, he taught them the principle of repentance and forgiveness, and he allowed for silence. Then later, as a reward for their changed behavior (3N11:1), Jesus Christ himself came and ministered to them. Anyway, it's a cool parallel with mortal parenting, not that I have any experience.

We are great finders! My companion and I find new investigators like crazy! It's a lesson in balance, though, because we have only 2 people on date. Sometimes I wish I could be the finding missionary and someone else could do the teaching and baptizing. That's not how it works though. 

Gloria came to church! Hooray! She always surprises me at the last second. I still think she's going to be baptized. 

Elda's sister came to visit and they haven't seen each other for 6 months, but Elda still walked to church by herself! It was her first time! The amount of faith this woman has is incredible! 

Also, there's a homeless transgender woman who lives in my area. Yesterday she crossed the street to talk to us! That's like a 6 lane street!! What an adventure! Anyway, now Erica is our new friend!

Hermana Sleight

Charcoal facial day! 

Hermana Pfeil's family has a Sunday tradition of pancakes. Carmen loves stuff like that.