August 7, 2017

Tengo viente (last week's email that she forgot to send

Thanks so much for your love and support!

This week's spiritual thought is on reverence. I've been stressing out as I read 3 Nephi 11 because the people all knew to bow down to Christ, and I just don't know if that would be my natural first reaction! I did some study though, and as with most post-resurrection gospel living, reverence is more about how you live than whether it's a part of your culture to bow. Reverence is the way to have personal revelation. We live reverent lives by listening to music that uplifts at a reasonable volume, by keeping the commandments, by treating the Lord's house with respect, etc. Oh. I do that. I've been doing that my whole life. What a relief!

Elda walked to church again, for the second week in a row! She's a champ. I love it. She really opened up to us this week, and we were able to promise the blessings that she really needs for being baptized