June 12, 2017

Jesus es mi Luz y mi Guia

Dear friends and family,

I love you so much! Thanks for all you do!

At MLC this week, an Elder shared this important piece of wisdom: What you learn on your mission definitely applies to your life after the mission. Take it seriously. I loved that. Sometimes we wonder why we do weekly planning or have to work with paper planners and phones that don't always get the job done. We don't see how learning to teach with a pamphlet or extend a baptismal date will benefit us post mission. But it always does. That goes for high school essays, sports, and sunday school too. Sometimes we can't see why we are required to learn a skill, but God is always preparing us for something better.

It's been a week of miraculous finding. With faith, all things are possible. YSA is sometimes tricky because theoretically we can't find our own investigators. But when we let the Holy Spirit guide, we are led to those in our stewardship.

Last Sunday we found Cynthia who turned out not to be interested, but on our way back to the car from her house, we opened our mouths and our new investigator Eric accepted a baptism date and a return appointment. How wondrous and great... He even kept the return appointment!

Patrick is a referral from our friends in Canoga Park, which it always takes forever to get there, so I don't like going. Then when we got there for our scheduled appointments, no one was home. So, we went to Patrick our back up, and now he has a baptism date too! God is great.

Jessica is going to be baptized this Saturday! Watch for the pictures next week! Love you all! Have a great one!
Hermana Sleight