February 21, 2017

She didn't send an email this week!

Hi, it's Robbie!
Carmen didn't send an email specific to the blog this week so I'm going to make one up. Don't worry I'll be sure that she remembers next time.
She says it's flooding in the rural areas but not in town where she is at. They did a service project to clean out a ditch and the sisters worked the hardest because they were the dirtiest (obviously).
Hermana Arenas made Caldo which is basically a soup with vegetable cut up and chicken legs thrown in and then you add your own spices.
They made a cake for Valentine's Day which they broke in half and ate! So fitting for misioneras!
She got a bike this week and is anticipating transfers next week so if you send anything, please send it to the mission office address.
That's all I can piece together from her emails to me (along with the photos she sent so I'm posting those!) She loves everybody and is having a great time!