February 27, 2017

A New Trend

It's Robbie again. I'm wondering if this is a new trend to have Mom create a post from info she gave me.
She says to read Ether 12:41.
She is getting transferred to Granada Hills area (she called it the valley) tomorrow and will become a STL or Sister Training Leader. She and her companion, Hermana Hopkins, will be over 10 sisters to go on exchanges with twice a week. She will continue to have a car. She's very excited about the change.
Yajairah and her Dad get baptized this Saturday. Carmen has permission to attend (even though she'll be in a different area) and they asked her to give a prayer which she is really happy about.
These are her words:
"What's great about my life is that I love this branch and I am going to miss the families here. Some of the families that I didn't know well at 12 weeks, now at 24 they're my favorite. It just goes to show that 1st impressions aren't worth beans, and everyone is worth getting to know. 
I love you so much too! Have a happy week!
This photo is Hermana Sleight, Arenas, Ames and Oseen