November 7, 2016

El Campo es tan Blanco (week 8)

Hi friends and family! 

I had something very happy happen to me this week. I read Jacob 5, and I understood it! It was the first time ever! I wrote down all of the symbols I thought I understood, and now they're on a post it in my scriptures for the next time I read it. The most important thing I think I learned is that the Jews have already been prophesied to receive the Gospel. This is very exciting for me, because I have some very dear Jewish friends from MIT that I know would be blessed for accepting the gospel. I love this work! I'm so glad that I'm hear. This is a truly marvelous mission. It's an amazing part of the allegory when the branches from all the trees get grafted and nourished by all the servants the Lord calls into the garden. That's the days we're living in! Look in the last few verses for the way He rewards his servants. 

Let's see... stories!

I should bring my journal with me to this place. I keep forgetting my stories as soon as I write them. 

Pedro came to church all by himself only 15 minutes late yesterday, which is practically on time because the only other investigator only got there 2 minutes ahead of him, so we hadn't even started gospel principles! People, this is big news! Pedro is actively attending church! This is his 4th Sunday at church! Hooray! 

Hermana Whittingham and I taught Jesus and Diego (8 and 6, Jesus's birthday is in 2 days, so we're teaching him the lessons so he can be baptized) the 10 commandments. We started with the reason we keep the commandments, which is because we love God. Then we taught the 10 commandments with the hand actions. Then during dinner we were able to use the actions to remind one another to follow God's commandments because we love Him. It was so awesome! Diego's mom says she's been able to use it to help them with their behavior while we're gone too! That's what it's about. Boyd K. Packer taught that learning the doctrine of the Gospel will change behavior faster than a study of human behavior will change behavior. This is that in action. 

Halloween was the least missionary day of my whole mission. First it was P-day, then at 6 we headed over to eat pizza as a zone. Then we watched a movie (The Restoration, 60 minute version), then we went home. 

Thanks, Nana for the awesome package! I am thankful for all of the support and the prayers out there! I love you all! 

Hermana Sleight

The top picture is Hermana W's Christmas decor. 
The bottom is Carmen with all her random notes from her mom.