October 31, 2016

La Expacion, el Mas Gran Milagro (week7)

Dear Friends and Family,

I have not left myself much time to write this, and I am sorry about that. 
Happy birthday to my wonderful sister Meredith! She's going to be 14, finishing up her YW medallion! How incredible is she?! I love you, Meredith!!
There's a promise in PMG that as you come to understand the Atonement, your desire to share the gospel will increase. For anyone who feels their faith is suffering or they don't have the desire to share the gospel, the best advice I can give is to find a way to learn more about the Atonement. I have been able to witness miracles through the power of the Atonement this week, and I am so blessed! The gospel is true!

Beverly is progressing so well. Satan tried everything one her last week, from a messy house, to nothing to wear to church, to hungry children, to anti-Mormon/uninformed coworkers, he has tried everything to get her to quit, but she is still taking all of the necessary steps to be baptized. I am so happy for her. She is a dear friend now, and will be for eternity. I'm sure of that. 

Pedro is such a miracle to teach! Last week, we brought a book I have full of gospel pictures just to teach about the prophet, but his granddaughters, who are usually pretty loud and try to distract from the lesson, loved it. Because I was telling them stories of Jesus, He was able to focus on Hermana Whittingham, and his question was perfect. What are the other commandments so that I can be keeping them too? That was WednesdaySaturday we taught Tithing and the Law of Chastity. Sunday he came to church, and when we showed him where to find the tithing envelopes, he took 3 and asked where to put them. He's so ready to follow the Savior! I think the key for us is to be sure he's converted to the restored gospel, and he understands that this is the Lord's church on the earth, the only one with the priesthood. These things sometimes get lost in the lessons, but they are key. 

I am so blessed to be here in the mission. I am so blessed by the word of God. Thank you all for the letters, emails, and prayers! I love you a lot!


Hermana Sleight

Photos: The sisters went to IHOP for Sister Talbet's birthday for the first 2. Third is their date, lol. Fourth is Carmen reading to Pedro's granddaughters.