October 24, 2016

Tened presente la fe, ... , diligencia. (DyC 4:5) (week 6)

Hi friends and family! 

I hope everyone had a good week! I know I did!

Hermana Whittingham doesn't even know I wrote it down, but she said something really wise this week in companionship study, "Of course you want to change the most you can on your mission." Maybe this is a no-brainer for some of you as well, but for me, I have this great fear that I'll change so much on my mission that the people I care about will be strangers to me, or me to them, when I get home. The truth is, though, that as people, we should all desire to change the most we can for the Savior. This is the refiner's fire, and as we choose not to fight it, we will find everything else works itself out. I also trust those I love to grow closer to God as well, so when we see each other, we'll be brethren in the faith, like in Alma 17.

Let's see! What is in my big box of miracles today! 

Beverly is on track! We've taught her all the lessons and she came to church yesterday! She committed to prepare for the temple after baptism and to read the Book of Mormon by December 16th. I know that it's by setting and working toward our own goals that we progress spiritually, so it is really exciting to me to see others set goals that will help them to partake of the peace and joy of the Savior. 

Pedro also came to church yesterday, and he's down to a medium coffee everyday! Commitments are so important! I am very happy about this. Last week, I started right in to teaching about the gift of the Holy Ghost, and Hermana Whittingham when her turn came asked if Pedro knew what the Holy Ghost was, and he said no. Whoops! I should have checked for understanding! But in our next lesson, he expressed that he feels good when we come to visit, and when he comes to church, and when he reads the Book of Mormon. We explained that that is the Holy Ghost for him. It was awesome. 

We also knocked into a girl named Ana who has a very tough life. She doesn't have much support, but she has a lot of responsibility. Once we uncovered that need, I was able to testify of the Book of Mormon as the way to feel of God's love and support, even when we've got no one else. It's amazing to watch the hope enter someone's eyes. Truly, I am so thankful that I get to play a part in God's work. 

I love you all lots! Thanks for your support!

Thanks Grandma Stevia and Mom for the letters!

Carmen is excited for her hair growing longer. The bottom pic is a pumpkin carving day with the district.