April 3, 2017

Mirad al Cielo

Dear Friends and Family,

Thanks for all of your love and support! You're truly wonderful to me! 

I loved General Conference, and there were so many direct quotes I wanted to put in this email, but as usual, I have squandered my time, so I'll just slip in one from President Monson on reading the Book of Mormon daily, "Please do so." So there you have it folks! A precious, polite request from the mouthpiece of God to study the Book of Mormon every day. I can testify that it will make you happy. 

Andrew passed his baptismal interview, and he's getting baptized on Saturday

Yesterday at 1:15, Rosa called us and asked if someone was coming to pick her up for the afternoon session. We didn't remember making that kind of promise, and indeed no one was coming. We thought all was lost for her to come to church, but after the session, she was waiting for us! She had called a taxi and came in during Elder Stephenson's talk! How cool is she!?

We've run into some road blocks for Lorenzo and Corina's baptism, but we bumped up Saul's by 4 weeks! He is so ready to be a disciple of Jesus Christ. He even came to general conference and despite it being so boring (he's 9), he sat until it was time to leave. Mom, those coloring books you sent finally have some color in them.

We found Joseph because Hermana Hopkin opened her mouth and shared the gospel. It was amazing. He's from Nigeria, and he had a friend that would read the Book of Mormon with him there. He was begging for the way to have a relationship with God and he truly wanted to know if he could be forgiven of his sins. He said that he's heard a lot about God recently, but he knew we knew Him, and he wanted to be like that too. He said we were the first people that made any real sense. What a miracle! I expect that he'll get baptized soon.

What a wonderful week! Apply what you learned from conference fast! You've only got 6 months until the next! I set a goal to memorize the Living Christ. Anyone want to do it with me?

Love you all!
Hermana Sleight