March 13, 2017

Me falta tiempo

Dear friends and family, 

Thanks for all you do!

This week we had a lot of good trainings, and I loved them! One of the things I learned is that accountability cures laziness. If you're feeling lazy, start accounting to the Lord every night in your prayers. It will help.  “When performance is measured, performance improves. When performance is measured and reported, the rate of improvement accelerates.” Pres. Monson

We had an amazing miracle last week with Lorenzo's family. They called us and invited us over. They want to join the church. They've been waiting. Because their son, Saul, has a lot to learn, we set the baptism date for May 27th, but they came to church yesterday, and Corina was tearing up from the spirit. Despite not being able to go to the adult classes because of their son, Lorenzo felt extremely welcome in all of church, and they are excited to come again. I am very blessed to be a missionary here right now. 

Also, Victor and Ana have had a hard time keeping the Sabbath day holy becasue they need to work on Sunday to pay the bills, but yesterday Victor exercised his faith and came to church, and I know that they will see the blessings from it. He was so happy to be there. He was smiling and participating! 

Andrew is 10 and he is getting baptized in April. He just gets the gospel. He smiles at church and brought his Book of Mormon stories book and had it out during sacrament meeting. 

I love you all! Thanks for supporting me! You are so wonderful!

Hermana Sleight