December 27, 2016

Navidad y todos los Milagros

Dear Friend and Family,

Thank you so much for all of the extra gifts and messages I've received from you this Christmas season! Your constant efforts are really appreciated. I'm so thankful to have such loving people in my life.

On Christmas Eve during studies, a thought crossed my mind. We celebrate birthdays, not to celebrate the birth of our loved ones, but to celebrate their life. We don't say, "Hooray! X number of years have passed!" We say, "Hooray! Look at all you've done in X number of years!" Celebrating Christmas is about celebrating all that He's done since that night at least as much as it's about celebrating that he was born. And what has He done? He's made it possible for each of us to progress, to feel God's love, and to have joy despite the mistakes we make. Every day in this mission, He's worked miracles, and I've gotten a front row seat. I'm so thankful for the role he plays in my life and yours.

We had some miraculous finding experiences this week! P-day got postponed, so we knocked out on a Monday. The Spirit gave the following impressions: "We should knock houses, not apartments like we planned." "Go to Shangri-La." "Go to Nathan Hill" "Start knocking in this direction" "Ask about this..ask about that" "Don't ask for a return appointment. Ask to sit down and start teaching." That's how the Spirit works, and I didn't realize why except that it would be a miracle. That's how we found Eric. He's already accepted baptism, though he won't commit to when, and he's meeting with us for a church tour on Thursday. I've never met a more promising New Investigator. 

Maria and Yessenia and Landon are on date! I wish there were time to tell, but I'm so excited for them to start progressing toward baptism! 

Love you all! Happy New Year! [insert plug for making personal and family mission plans here]

Hermana Arenas y Carmen
Isn't this cute!

Dale! Dale! Dale! I learned the Pinata song at this Nochebuena party! 

P.S. from Mom-when we talked to her at Christmas, she was doing really well, our sweet happy Carmen who has figured out that it's harder than she expected but willing to do it all the same! You could tell that the people who were around her loved her. We were so glad to have that call.