December 5, 2016

Bautismos Me Pongan Nerviosa!

Hi Friends and Family!

What a big week! I hope I can tell you all that happened in what little time I have left myself!

Listen! That's the lesson of the week. Listen to the Spirit. Listen to your companion. Listen to your branch leaders. Listen to your investigators. Listen to the people you meet. But always listen to the Spirit. People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care. 

Let's see, what happened this week? Oh yeah! Pedro and Jesus got baptized and confirmed! I was so nervous! It's all worth it though. Jesus was so nervous about the water and baptism, but he only had to go under once, and he's been smiling ever since. He got confirmed yesterday, and last night we helped them decorate their tree. While we were visiting, he said, "The Holy Ghost is my best friend." "He makes me feel happy.", and "The Holy Ghost is going to go with me to surgery tomorrow!" He also read 20 pages of the Book of Mormon that one of the women in the ward gave to him as a baptism gift. I'm so glad Jesus got baptized! The gospel makes us happy!

We have a miracle family. We got a referral from the English sisters for a woman named Rosa, but when we knocked on her door on Thanksgiving, Yajairah answered. Turns out no one named Rosa lives there, but we contacted her anyway. Turns out her mom and grandma are inactive members whose records never made it to this ward. She's really excited to learn about the gospel, and last night we had a super strong Plan of Salvation lesson with her, her parents, and her brother. Of course they want to be together in the Celestial Kingdom! They're really happy to be invited into the community which is a ward/branch. I hope and pray that they will be in the temple before I finish my mission. 

Pedro's baptism was supposed to be Saturday, so we announced it that way on Sunday. Then his work schedule changed, so he couldn't make it. We knew he was ready though, so we just bumped it up a day! We had kind of a small turn out as a result, but Pedro gets it. Covenants are between himself and Heavenly Father. Who comes to watch doesn't really matter. 

Transfers are tomorrow, and I'm going to start training! That means I'll most likely be in Santa Clarita for 12 more weeks! I would love and appreciate advice on training because I'm really nervous! I constantly remind myself that the Lord can do His own work, and if He says I can, He'll provide the grace to train this Hermana and handle area that's just been added to ours. I'm excited for all that is in store for me! I appreciate your prayers! 

Happy Birthday to Danielle! I'm so proud of my little sister! You're doing great!! Love you babe!

Thanks for all of the love and support! I love you all! Don't forget to #LIGHTtheWORLD everyday!