September 13, 2016

Abra la Boca (week 3)

Hi friends and family!
I love my district! We care about each other so much! I have a theory about that. God loves us => He gives us the Holy Ghost to testify of truth => The Holy Ghost testifies of God's love => The Holy Ghost feels like love => We love the people with whom we have shared powerful spiritual experiences. => I love my district!
We love each other so much that we are sad about not spending the whole year together. All 8 of us are going to different missions. So we decided to celebrate the year together. Last Saturday was Halloween, the Thanksgiving on fast sunday, then Christmas, New Year's, Dia de Amor y Amistad, St. Patricks Day, Easter, Cinco de Mayo, and 4th of July
We've learned a lot this week, but the most important skill I'm working on is asking inspired questions. The most important thing I'm doing is trying to cast off my pride. I've had some hard times with some bitterness and I've even been unkind. People call me salty around here. I think that's my Dad coming out. 
Inspired questions make it possible for people to teach themselves the lessons. Preach my Gospel says that people have already been taught the truth in the premortal life. We're just reminding them. I'm really excited to try this out in the field. I would much prefer to have the Holy Ghost teach through the investigator's mouths than through my own. 
We've also talked about how important commitments are (side note: my zone often refers to commitments as "compro... comp... com.. commitments!" because the word for commitments in Spanish is compromismo. The same thing happens with the mission field. "the camp...comp... hang on.. what the English word? Field!"). Commitments are so key. Most of the spiritual growth investigators will experience will be while the missionaries aren't in the home. Sister McCubbins says it's best to aim for 15 minute visits and give strong commitments. Reading the Book of Mormon, praying to know that it is true and Joseph Smith is a prophet, going to church, keeping the commandments, and my new favorite, family prayer are way more important than the lessons in conversion. 
They say that your entertainment level in the MTC goes way up and everything is funny. I've found this to be true. This week, Elder Stevens accidentally kicked a volleyball hard up into his own face. I looked back to my team to find half of them laying on the ground with laughter. 
Keep the Faith! Love you all!
P.S. She leaves for CA today, 9/13.